The effect of heat, ultra violet sunlight and general weathering means that the finish on the plaque will eventually break down and the patina process begins. However, good care and maintenance can prolong the protective nature of the Diamond ShieldTM Finish.

Cleaning and Polishing Kits

We recommend you:

  • Clean the plaque with soapy water.
  • Rinse and dry.
  • Apply Diamond Shield Polish provided in a Spray Can.                                
  • Buff with Cloth.

Never use any other cleaning products or scrub with a brush - this will damage the coating on the bronze plaque.

The Diamond Shield polish will give added protection to the finish and keep the plaques looking clean and shiny.

Arrow supplies a polishing kit, which includes: Diamond Shield Polish, buffing cloth, instructions, information literature all placed in a very attractive bag.

Heavy duty cleaning - Plaque Cleaner

Some environments subject plaques to high mineral content water from irrigation systems etc, in hot fast drying conditions a build up scaly mineral deposit occurs. Washing with soapy water is usually ineffective. We suggest using Arrow Bronze Plaque Cleaner. It will remove the mineral build up and after use; plaques can then be washed and treated in accordance as mentioned above. Although this product will not adversely affect the natural wearing process of the finish, it is recommended that it be only used once or twice per year.


Cleaning and Polishing will not restore a plaque back to it's original finish, all bronze plaques will gradually patina over time. Some people like the natural patina process to take place, however the patina is a very thin layer and can be removed easily and the surface restored back to its original lustre.


Contact your local cemetery for more information.