Bronze Urns

Today, as cremation continues to be the preferred choice over burial, the placement of cremated remains can be highly dignified by the use of urns. Depending on the final destination, there is an option available that can best suit the circumstances and desires of the family or community. Arrow Bronze through its own manufacturing and national and international supplies can offer a wide range of products for the interment of your loved one's cremated remains.

Following the cremation, the ashes are placed in a plastic container by the cemetery staff pending instructions by the deceased family or someone who has the authority. (See your local cemetery for details)

Bronze Urns offers elegance, substance and security, it offers durability and tangibility with options that can truly befit the precious memories and protection of a loved one's ashes.

Bronze Urns can be taken by relatives or friends to private homes or garden to be housed in a favourite place. In these circumstances the relatives and friends can opt to purchase an attractive bronze urn from our wide range of designs.

The Urn can be left at the cemetery and placed in beautifully maintained gardens, rockery, niche wall or other interment memorial positions that are available. Relatives and friends can choose from our range of bronze urns that ‘Protect' the ashes whilst in the ground or in the wall.

When choosing a bronze memorial urn it is an important and a personal decision. This is why Arrow offers a select range of urns some of which can be customised to your needs. Unlike any other urns, our solid bronze urns are guaranteed to be a superior product and a fitting memorial that will last forever.

Contact your local cemetery for more information on our Bronze Everlasting Urns.